Support for Oracle RAC name formatting

Idea created by j_seele on Mar 31, 2016


    We recently began using Oracle RAC where the database can either be running on multiple nodes of the RAC cluster or have a primary/secondary for HA purposes.  In these cases, when the SQL metrics are reported, we end up with multiple nodes because the node names end up being used as part of the name.


    For an example (not ours but same situation), please see this:

    Monitoring the Oracle RAC Cluster.


    From the above discussion, it appears that a "custom name formatter" can be requested to combine the metrics from the multiple nodes so instead of having say 4 branches in Introscope x 1000 metrics (4000 metrics) there would only be 1 branch with 1000 metrics.


    This idea is to (1) make the agent smart enough to recognize Oracle RAC nodes for the same database and do this automatically, or (2) allow agent configuration entries to specify each node host name and the preferred combined name and have the agent combine them, or (3) make the custom name formatter available and customizable without having to go through hoops.