Ability to update logical attribute from child workflow to parent workflow

Idea created by Palaka_Bhattacharya Employee on Apr 5, 2016
    • SumeetMahajan

    Need the ability to update a LAH from a child workflow process to a parent workflow process.

    Have a use case where need the Logical/Screen Logical attribute to hold its value from BLTH to -> parent WF to -> child WF -> Event Listener to -> PX task completion.

    This can be beneficial if we have to propagate intermediate values from task initiation till task completion even is task contains workflow/child workflow/event listener/PX.


    (|pepAR_UNIX_SupportRole| is a Logical Attribute defined under a LAH. Currently |WorkflowDetails| is defined as Screen Logical Attribute which was only defined at Profile Screen level. Since |WorkflowDetails| is screen logical, we thought there can be some issue with its lifetime. We then replaced that with Logical and tested everything by keeping |WorkflowDetails| as Logical Attribute and replacing this attribute on every Approval Screen. However, same results were shown. We also tried replacing logical/screen logical attributes with Session Attributes but same results.)


    This was opened on behalf of Sumeet Mahajan from CA GD for Pepsi - refer to support ticket 00349367