Upload attachment - reference id attachment not id document

Idea created by ohf on Apr 14, 2016
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    • ohf

    Good morning


    We are working in some routines in ITPAM (4.3) that will work with attachments uploaded in CA Service Desk (14.1).


    We want to use the upload attachment notification activity to launch an ItPam process that gets the attachment and send this attachment to another environment. To be able to synchronize our CA with another environment.


    But we noticed that CA has one flaw in the way it works with attachments.


    • First of all, we can upload several attachments at the same time. The interface allows the user to upload multiple attachments with the same upload screen.
    • For each uploaded attachment Servicedesk launchs one notification activity (Upload attachment).
    • If we associate that activity with a macro to run and itpam process then the problem appears.
      • When the itpam launches the process it receives the persistent id of the ticket instead  the id of the attachment (or the persistent or maybe the filename or whatever)
      • If we are working with only one attachment there is no problem.
        • We get the persistent id of the ticket, we search for its activity log and we only have to recover the last uploaded file. Easy one.
      • If we upload x files **** opens in front of us.
        • we have x pam processes launched, each one running at the same time (or  almost the same).
        • we have only the persid of the ticket, the same in the x processes.
        • we have no clue about what attachment openned wich process. So we can´t say to the process to get the last attachment uploaded.
          • If we do this, all of the processes will target the same attachment, ignoring the other uploaded attachments.
        • Then we have to search in the database using a time frame to recover all of the attachments, it´s the only way to do that (this is a non efficient way to work)
          • Then all the processes are using the same time frame.
        • So if we have x attachments, then we have x operations than try to recover all of the attachemnts.... X*X sendings, operations or whatever.
        • It´s not possible to create an efficient lockup system to avoid an attachment to be reprocessed, all the processes ran at the same time or mostly the same.


    The conclussion is that CA is not able to process his attachments in an efficient way.

    Possible solutions:


    • Disable the multiupload possibility, if there´s only one attachment for operation there´s no problem. Bad workaround, but it´s a solution.
    • Join all the uploaded attachments in a unique notification activity, not a notification activty for each uploaded attachment.
    • Allow to transfer the persistend id of the attachment instead the document persistent id to the it PAM. This would be the perfect and more efficient solution to the problem.