Rewrite timeslot templates so it does not use a java applet

Idea created by Scott_Karbiner Employee on Apr 18, 2016

    Currently the timeslot templates is the only component of BSI which uses a Java Applet.

    This causes problems because:

    1) Modern browsers consider applets a security risk.

    2) The certificate must be maintained and there have been a number of patches created to update it.

    3) It requires Java security lowered to the lowest setting to run an applet.

    4) Java security is difficult to configure across all users (such as if you use Citrix).

    5) It is not consistent with the rest of the product GUI.


    It would be nice to rewrite this so that it uses HTML5 or something other than a java applet. Perhaps this could be done in conjunction with the other potential change to allow mass updates.