CA Workload Automation AE - Cloud Support

Idea created by Jobby on Apr 19, 2016
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    As more and more firms move onto a Cloud framework, we would like Autosys vR11.3.5 onwards to be supported on the cloud. Both the Manager(EP/ES/AS/iXP/EEM) and the Agent components.  As of date  running the AE application on cloud environments, is apparently the same as running it on vmware. So long as the platforms are supported by Autosys components and network communications are set up in such a way that it behaves as a physical environment, then it should work.

    There are still some caveats though e.g.: If an issue is suspected or determined to be caused by the fact that it is a cloud environment, CA does reserve the right to ask that the issue be demonstrated by customers in a non-cloud environment. If it is not reproduced in a non-cloud environment, CA will not support


    We would like  to move beyond this and expect Autosys vR11.3.5  , EEM 12.5.1 and iXP to be fully cloud compliant so as to be future-ready