Sharing CMDB extension reference fields with ITAM 14.1

Idea created by mkucera on Apr 19, 2016

    Hi everyone


    Here's some experience with CMDB & ITAM 14.1 integration:


    Sharing CI simple extension fields with assets in ITAM is possible - steps are described here: Extended Field Configuration - CA Service Management - 14.1 - CA Technologies Documentation


    Sharing CI reference extension fields with assets in ITAM is not so far possible.

    Here are the steps I've attempted:

    1. An extension reference table is defined using Web Screen Painter.
    2. An extension SREL type field is defined in existing extension table in Web Screen Painter. This SREL field refers to table created in step 1.
    3. Updated mdb schema is saved and published.
    4. In ITAM's global configuration is then then attempted to add an extension - reference field.
    5. As the extension reference table created in step 1 above is not visible as "current object", the new object with object table name according to step 1 above is attempted to create.
    6. The following error message appears "The object table name is similar to an existing field name in the table.If you want to create a new reference field, enter a different object table name".


    1. 1. The CMDB - ITAM integration is not 100% as this not includes the CI extension reference fields.
    2. The conclusion of this limited integration is:
      1. If the IT system element is to be CI and asset at the same time, then there must be information shared, which attributes are not accessible via ITAM (if they need to be accessed with asset).
      2. Even if majority of the data is imported via ITAM Data Importer, the extension reference field data are to be imported via GRLoader - extra consideration, extra work.
      3. If there are considerations to enhance existing assets data with extension reference fields, it is necessary then to consider these assets as CIs to create, populate and access the extension reference fields for them.


    I hope for the community support to this idea to have this solved in near future.