Remote execution of scripts from CAIM

Idea created by ItamarBudin Employee on Apr 23, 2016
    Under review



    As part of many use cases, we need to run custom scripts for a variety of reasons, here are some examples:


    1. On creating OS/400 account, we need to run some post action to add the user to a specific profile, a feature that the connector doesn't support
    2. Creating AD Home Drives with specific permissions and create a share
    3. Run PowerShell commands to set some Exchange parameters on the mailbox
    4. Run specific script on a remote machine


    As most of these use cases are the results of running the CAIM user console on a different platform as the provisioning server or due to inability to run one script language (like PowerShell on Linux), we are facing with limited options when trying to meet these requirements:


    1. Build Java code
    2. Install and configure SSH server on the Provisioning Server and write SSH script to connect to it from the Linux/UNIX machine and run command.


    The above solutions works fine enough but add complexity in deployment and TCO for our customer


    My idea is to allow native remote execution of scripts from the CAIM User Console via PX to the provisioning server via the JIAM protocol


    This can decrease or product deployment and solution development time and provide extensive flexibility in our offering