Would like a new web type adapter to run odata/soap/restful calls

Idea created by Scott_Karbiner Employee on Apr 27, 2016
    Under review
    • ponth01
    • mzeiler
    • IainLambert

    I have a client who would like a new adapter type which can pull data using ODATA calls (in this case from sharepoint).

    It could also make SOAPUI or other web style calls.

    Most of CA's products support these types of web calls to pull data without having to connect directly to the database. So this would provide a lot of additional functionality for clients.

    There is a current workaround in that you could write a script to make these calls and save the data to either a txt file or sql database which an adapter can query, then schedule that script to run prior to the adapter in the Windows task scheduler. However this adds an extra step.