Import data in 6.1 from older releases

Idea created by xhystos on Apr 29, 2016
    Under review

    Use Case: currently running a RA environment 5.0.2 which has seen a number of issues

    (constraint errors, zombie applications, things like that). We want to be able to export selected

    applications from our 5.0.2 environments and import them in our brand new 6.1.

    This is not possible out of the box! The currently supported way is to update the old environment,

    then export from there. The 5.0.2 environment is PROD, no go! So the only supported way is

    to stop PROD, dump the DB, copy this dump from PROD to TEST (which in hardened banking

    takes some detours, setup an 5.0.2 environment in TEST, upgrade this to 6.1, export the couple

    applications, and at the end import into the new 6.1 with the fresh DB. I am not saying this is

    not technically possible, it's just awfully complicated for something that should be simple.

    It may be a simple thing to do in small environment, but in a large entreprise environment this

    is not acceptable.