Be able to put negative number in a payment field (legalDoc / Cost / payment)

Idea created by Steeve_Brou on May 5, 2016
    Not planned

    We are tracking the budget of our legal document contract with APM.


    For exemple, we renew a contract with a provider every year and in this contract, we spread the total contract amount over 12 payments due (12 months).


    If we receive a credit one month, we cannot put a negative amount for a payment due.

    The system refuse to save it with a error message.


    If i can have negative amount, it is creating a issue for us because the team who's using SQL Report to get a detailed board of all the payment over the year, getting false information.


    I tried to update it directly in the DB but event if i changed it in the DB, in the APM UI, it transform my negative amount into a positive amount number.


    I've opened a case with CA and their final answer was :


    "Because of a bug in the code, the system was allowing them before. We have corrected it.

    The behavior/error with entering -negative amounts is the expected behavior."


    This unbalance the report and the person who using APM to manage contract budget of our legal documents must maintain an Excel file for this exception.


    I would like a enhancement to get able to put negative amount in a payment table.