PERL API add "All users" to a policy method

Idea created by lopju07 Employee on May 13, 2016
    Not planned

    Using WAMUI to configure a policy you have a button to add all users in a user store to the policy, so when a new user appears on the directoy is automatically added to the policy.

    If you works with PERL CLI to automate some policy creations, in the Netegrity::PolicyMgtPolicy class is available a method call addUser to add a individual user to the policy, but there isn't a method to add "all users".

    If you made a loop to add the directoy users using adduser method, the new users added to the directory will not be available at the policy.

    In Java API already exist a method to do this with user class:

    setFilterClass(java.lang.String filterClass)
    Sets the filter class of the user policy.
    setFilterPath(java.lang.String filterPath)
    Sets the filter path of the user policy.


    So the idea is to add addalluserclass method to the perl CLI.


    This idea is derived from Support Case 00375892