Retry Blocked Operator

Idea created by Kris_D on May 31, 2016

    Resetting a blocked PAM process to retry is currently a fairly slow manual process requiring the following:

    1. Open the blocked process from the Operations tab
    2. Suspend the process
    3. Click "Switch Process Status on Completion"
    4. Confirm the dialog box
    5. Select the blocked operator
    6. Click Reset Operator
    7. Click Resume Process
    8. Close the completed process window


    I would like to propose a Retry option be available in the right-click menu of Blocked processes shown in the Operations tab that would automate the steps above. This would allow multiple blocked processes to be "fixed" quickly and easily.


    In my experience, following these steps above fixes about 90% of the blocked processes we encounter due to timing issues or locked records in Service Desk. Doing this manually is a very slow process, especially on a loaded server when trying to recover from an outage, taking several hours to reset hundreds of processes on more than one occasion.