Improved Navagation

Idea created by JimLunde on Jun 1, 2016
    Not planned
    • JimLunde
    • Gale_Bacon
    • Carol.Uranker
    • Imjay
    • TomStarke
    • Marc.Corbin
    • ScottB

    Can we have improved interfaces in ITAM that would significantly cut down on pointing-and-clicking?  Seems very inefficient currently and for a long time.


    1) On ITAM Asset Search, when entering any field or filter, please allow a back button to return to the same selection. I'm not entering opening another session as that is more clicks as well.


    2) On ITAM Asset Searches, can we have "sticky" searches (preferences, filtered fields, etc..) that stick with a user for the entire session, but doesn't interfere with others in the group (user specific)?  This would include an option to clear for the session.


    3) When setting up an import template, there is entirely too many clicks to set up a single field map. Some things are selected, then selected again (sort of).


    4) Anything else than can easy the "click happy" application to streamline it would be great.