PDS ITAM Proper Release Management Request

Idea created by esauerw on Jun 3, 2016
    Not planned

    Currently ITAM 'Release Management' is based on file timestamps.
    If fixes are applied, timestamps will be set to the date of the fix.
    Subsequent release upgrades will fail to replace these files because files of new release may be older thant the fixed ones.

    As a result, installation will be a release mixup.

    As our end customer migrates from ITAM r12.8SP3 to 14.1GA and then 14.1SP2 the result will be a non-usable installation stuffed with issue such as 00354999 and many others.
    As a workaround, parallel installation of fresh (virgin) release r14.1 GA, setting it to the same patch level, then manual comparison of all file timestamps, and manual reset to the original timestamp values is proposed by CA Support.

    This means very heavy work for the client (and for us ;-) 


    We strongly suggest to introduce a proper release managemnt for ITAM like that for ITCM.