IDCAMS ALTER NEWNAME should result in an update of the DSN in the TMC

Idea created by Achim_Mueller Employee on Jun 3, 2016
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    • Jose_Berdecia
    • Scott Barry
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    • anton.kiening
    • Rosa_DeStefano
    • Pierre-Montel

    Idea has been created for BMW BAYERISCHE MOTORENWERKE AG (Case # 00422623)


    Under the following conditions, it is possible to rename Tape Data Sets running IDCAMS ALTER with NEWNAME:


    - Both the old and new data set names must be greater than 16 characters

    - The last 17 characters of the old and new data set names must match


    If the Tape Data Sets are renamed, they can no longer be used for OPEN INPUT, as the Data Set Name in the Catalog, does no longer match the DSN in the TMC and the Tape is rejected with IEFTMS50 1XX-08.


    CA 1 should intercept the IDCAMS ALTER NEWNAME and update the DSN in the TMC Volume or DSNB record accordingly to prevent the IEFTMS50 1XX-08 Abends.