SecurePassword reference by name

Idea created by stephan.burkard on Jun 8, 2016

    All assertions using the CustomSecurePasswordPanel (the dropdown menu to select a secure password) are not reusable in a policy fragment. The strict selection of a password that results in a GOID reference is too strict.


    Most assertions are reusable because they allow the use of expressions in most text fields.


    Example: when I build a policy fragment to do a HTTP routing, I can make the endpoint dynamic by using an expression. That way I can use the same fragment for multiple environments on the same box or even on multiple boxes by just changing the value the expression represents.

    In contrast when I want to build a policy fragment to do an SFTP transfer, I can make the target host and the directory dynamic, but not the password. For the password I can just select a secure password from the dropdown menu. This results in a GOID reference saved in the fragment.


    That is not portable. I can't use different passwords for multiple environments and I can't use the same fragment on multiple boxes (because the GOID would change).


    It would be nice to be able to enter an expression for the password name and the password would be resolved using this name instead of the strict GOID reference.


    Example: I could enter an expression like "${environment}.myPassword" and then I could provide values like "production.myPassword", "preproduction.myPassword" etc. These would be the names of different secure passwords and the corresponding password for the environment would be used.