Restrict Category selection for Analysts with Multi-Tenancy ON

Idea created by Sandra_Antunes on Jun 15, 2016
    Not planned

    Customer has the following need: prevent Analysts, who are in the Parent Tenant, to be able to set a Request Area or Category for an Affected End User (from a subtenant A) which are not part of that Subtenant.



    Consider you have the following Tenant structure:

    The Parent Tenant (PT), and 2 subtenants: A and B


    All Analysts are in the Parent Tenant.

    An Analyst opens a ticket for an affected end user from Subtenant A. By the time the Request Area or Category will be chosen, the list of ALL Categories from ALL Subtenants will be listed, without having the Subtenant info referenced (this will be available only if the user logged in to SDM is the Parent Tenant, in this case).

    If the Analyst chooses a Category which is not the correct one (and it will be easy to occur), a Business Inconsistency is generated, due to the wrong categorization.



    A workaround is possible only via customization. The creation of data partition to achieve this is not possible (it's been tried without success).



    Is to have SDM showing in the list of Categories or Request Areas, only those areas which belong to the Affected End user being listed by the Analyst.

    In order to keep the functionality fully available (all Categories/Request Areas visible for the Parent Tenant), an Option could be created which can activate/deactivate the restriction.