SPM SOAP Faults should follow Standard Error Processing

Idea created by Steve_Oak on Jun 17, 2016

    This idea has been put forth a couple of times but has not received enough votes to have it considered. This is hurting every installation of Introscope since every time a WebService is checked for existence of data and is returned as error (which failure is usually an application handled situation)  the Events Data base will get error snapshots that CANNOT be ignored. This causes the Events Data base to be over worked. So please vote this idea up.


    I put in the Idea “Ability to ingore SOAP Faults” based on a agent but this issue is still prevalent with the 10.2 agent. And now that SPM is automatically loaded with the agent there is no way to avoid having the Events DB filled. Here is the example from my original idea (Nov, 2012):


    I have a SOAP Fault:

    •Error Message: SOAP Fault:
    System.Exception: No Data Found for this Criteria


    I have an Error ignore:

    introscope.agent.errorsnapshots.ignore.20=*No Data Found*


    The WebService error message is ignored but the SOAP Fault is not ignored.


    I had issue CA Support Request 21076306 01 - NEED WAY TO IGNORE SOAP FAULTS opened but the
    final solution was to put this idea in...


    Later in March of 2013, Tom Krpata put in the idea:  “Need Agent filter to suppress SOAP Faults”  but again it did not receive enough votes. He notes in his idea that CA Support found the Error processing was actually bypassed in SPM. He points out that we really need the ability to ignore many elements that go into our infrastructures but at this point, I
    would settle for the SPM processing of SOAP Faults to use the standard Error Processing to be able to ignore “Standard Errors” like Data not Found since an Error Snapshot is of absolutely no use.