Auto-close entry to clarify the use of the 24 hour clock timestamp, in SDM.

Idea created by Kyle_R Employee on Jun 20, 2016
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    The request is to update the "Auto-close" Description timestamp to a clearer reading than the current 24 hour clock of "hh:mm:ss".


    The other date/time columns in the Activity Log use a timestamp which can be formatted to taste and have a timezone offset applied to them to match that of the user.


    The Description field though does not. It uses a 24 hour clock timestamp to the second, which is in server time and not the user timezone.


    Current examples.


    With the user having a timezone specified:

    "Automatic closure will occur at: 06/17/2016 10:00:00 - East Coast US-0500 (Client(US))"


    However, if there is NO Timezone specified against the Contact, then it will write a log entry in server time:

    "Automatic closure will occur at: 06/17/2016 10:00:00"



    1) The timestamp be reduced from 24 hour clock hh:mm:ss to just hh:mm.
    Reasons: The additional display of "seconds" is not necessary.
    It makes things complicated where they don't need to be.
    And practically, if there is a large backlog of Auto-close rules, then the system may not close to the second anyway.


    2) It be made clear that this is in 24 hour time.

    For example, by appending "hrs" which is often used to indicated 24 hour time, or just some straight text to indicate this.

    Reason: It is not clear that this is a 24 hour clock, when everything else on most screens is a 12 hour clock.


    3) It be made clear that this is the server time, not the user time.

    Reason: The Description is one of the few places where server time is used and not converted to user time.


    Possible examples:

    "Automatic closure will occur at: 06/17/2016 10:00 hrs - East Coast US-0500 (Client(US))"


    "Automatic closure will occur at: 06/17/2016 10:00 (24:00 hour clock, server time) - East Coast US-0500 (Client(US))"


    In fact, it may be good to reword the client time portion at the end as well to make it clearer what that represents.


    The long and the short of this Idea;


    • Time "10:00:00" unclear when compared to the "5:00pm" used in other columns.
    • It is not clear that this is 24 hour clock, and not just a 12 hour clock that someone left the AM/PM off.


    This does not just apply to Auto-close entries, but is the example where this came up.


    Thanks, Kyle_R.