Portal integration missing the organisation name

Idea created by hanzhang on Jun 21, 2016
    • hanzhang

    We have integrated the OTK with API portal so that we can manage the applications from the portal, easier.


    Then we found some problems that L7 might previous miss when they integrate the 2 components.


    We are looking for displaying the organisation name with the client(application) name on the authorization page - like to display "You are about to give these permissions to <XXXX App> from <EEEE organisation>".  However because the integration of the portal application only pass the api key related info (which means org info has been missing in the first place), we can't get the org name directly from gateway.


    I would suggest you guys improve the integration and pass the org info to the gateway everytime a new application created; also  "Look up API key" assertion should be able to pick up the org name as well.