Create an uninstaller for ASM OPMS

Idea created by CathyWentworth on Jun 28, 2016
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    I have found the ASM OPMS to be very finicky and way to easy to get to a state of not being able to connect the tunnel client. No amount of stopping and or starting/restarting of process or services using monit seems to help. Thus, I end up having to re-install the OPMS. The problem is that unless you are upgrading to a higher version, the re-install either errors out, or doesn't accomplish correcting the issues. I inevitably end up re-installing Debain as well as the OPMS just to get past all of the issues.


    CA should create an un-installer that will allow the old files and directories to be completely removed so that users can do a clean install of any (compatible) version of the OPMS without having to re-install Debian as well.