Allow Service Catalog to configure CGI Path to either regular Web Engine or Web Director directly

Idea created by LCozzetto on Jun 30, 2016
    Not planned
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    As it exists now, once you configure the service desk manager target server, it uses the default CGI Path of  /CAisd/pdmweb.exe.  Normally when hitting that in the URL, if a web director is in place it will load balance and reroute the client to the appropriate server with the lowest amount of session use. However, due to the system's use of a bopsid when generating the URL to open the ticket, when clicking on the link for the generated ticket all session logins are occurring on the same server and bypassing the web director altogether (if enabled). This leads to an unbalanced system. The only way to correct that today is to modify the requestshared.xsl file and manually replace cgi path with the appropriate path to the web director executable. This causes a risk that the file can be overridden by a patch requiring the client to correct the path manually again.


    Future state would permit this configuration to occur in the Catalog GUI so that manual adjustments were not necessary.  The default value could be the expected CGI path.