[ER for PIM] Terminal Class on Windows EP does not recognize the Gateway IP address .

Idea created by kansi02 Employee on Jul 4, 2016
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    [Diagram for login]

      End user PC---------- Gateway Server---------Target Server(PIM for Windows installed).



    When Terminal Class is enabled on Target Servers and the rule is triggered, audit events in Target Server does NOT record IP address of Gateway Server, but record IP addresses of End user PC. Customer wants to create the rules for Terminal Class and manage it by the IP address of Gateway Server. According to our observation, when the target system is running PIM endpoint for Unix, Terminal class is managed by the IP address of Gateway Server(not by the IP address of End User PC). Customer requires this feature to prevent direct access from End User by enabling Terminal Class of Gateway IP address. Gateway solution could be a CA PM, Hi-ware etc



      Customer wants to manage/audit Terminal Class with the IP address of Gateway server when PIM Endpoint for Windows is running on Target Servers.