Improvement in Admin Email Address enhancement

Idea created by PrasadT on Jul 6, 2016
    • Scott_Owens
    • Eric Laney
    • Sumeet Mahajan
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    We requested to have From email Address (Admin email Address) as a configuration Parameter in IME instead of configuring it in email.Properties file. The Admin email Address in fie is generic to all IME's that are configured in Identity Manager. In IDM12.6 sp5 enhancement was added to configure Admin email Address in IME however IDM does not use this email Address while sending email that are configured using Policy Express based emails but it use email Address that is configured in file. IDM use email Address configured in IME only for emails that are configured using Task Based or Event Based Email template functionality.


    We request you to correct this functionality by using IME based Admin email Address for all types of emails that are trigged by respective IME.




    Please let me know if you have any question or need more clarification...




    Prasad S Tamhankar