CA Spectrum: pass SSdb attributes to NCM scripts

Idea created by raphael.franck on Jul 8, 2016

    Hi all,


    we would like to be more flexible in NCM (network configuration manager) script handling by making use of model atttributes, that are available from SSdb.

    As of now, users are able to pass a number of attributes to scripts already, but these are all predefined/static.

    If we were able to pass SSdb attributes, the scripts could be more dynamic, e.g. by doing different things for different types of devices.

    I know it is possible to create additional device families and use different (static) parameters for each of them, but that would 1) create a lot of overhead work and 2) not deliver the same flexibility.

    If the total number of attributes has to have a limit, that limit should be rather high (e.g. 100) instead of too low (e.g. 10).

    Although I wish different, I would understand a limitation to be able to pass scalar- (means not list-) attributes only.


    thanks and best reagrds,