Web Agent Silent configuration with trusted host overwrite option

Idea created by Sushant.Jagdale on Jul 12, 2016
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    We have deployed an application on a load-balanced, auto-scaling cluster of web servers (Apache 2.4) using Amazon Web Services. We are installing and configuring web agents with unattended/silent option on AWS cloud.

    Due to web server auto scale up approach (based on load on web servers), MANY (not sure on count) trusted host registrations will be performed automatically during web agent silent configuration.


    Silent installation and configuration doesn't provide an option of overwriting an existing trusted host, due to this limitation we need to use smreghost utility with -o overwrite option before web agent silent configuration. However this utility also has a limitation, as we are going to deploy this script outside of our network, we would like to pass encrypted password during host registration, but smreghost doesn't accept encrypted password.

    So any of below enhancement request would help us implement our requirement:

    1) Web agent silent configuration should provide an option of overwriting trusted host objects


    2) smreghost utility should accept encrypted password