Make access to "Saved Searches" depend on Role/Access Type security, in SDM

Idea created by Kyle_R Employee on Jul 15, 2016
    Not planned

    There is a new "Saved Searches" feature in ITSM 14.1, which allows users to Save their Search Filters to their User Scoreboard, and have quick access to them from that point on.


    However, not all users may require access to this functionality, which may lead to the User_Query table expanding with unmanaged, poorly designed queries.


    Currently, Saved Searches is either "all on" or "all off" from a global variable.


    The request is to make adding the "Saved Search" button feature dependent on existing security, such as Role or Access Type Security.


    This way you could give some users the ability to use this feature, and others not. Rather than being a site wide option.


    The availability of this feature has moved the ability to readily create Stored Queries out of the Administration tab and made it much more accessible to users. This has significantly expanded the likely use of adding new Scoreboard Nodes to custom queries.


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    Thanks, Kyle_R.