More flexible dashboards

Idea created by alberto.h.r on Jul 15, 2016
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    Presently when using the dashboard in conjunction with the "context selector" , you can define a parameter (e.g ${var}) in order for it to dynamically pickup any value and use this variable to propagate more data. For example, I use it to pickup all database server types by using ${var} to differentiate between the "probe" in s_qos_data (mysql, oracle,db2). I then can create more complex sql tables based on the type of database/probe selected.


    The issue is that only "SQL data source" driven widgets take advantage of this flexible option. So it creates a bottleneck in ability in my opinion.


    So, QOS, Metric,Alarm, Dashboard, Probes (data sources) etc don't allow for you to dictate where to look ($var). The QOS data source doe's allow for some dynamic variables (see below) but it doe's not allow you to specify your own.



    Please allow the other data sources to pick up on the "context selector" variables!!! It would be great to make dynamic list, qos charts etc.