Improve the CA PPM offline message shown to users - offline fallback message - Web service down 404 message

Idea created by am1 Champion on Jul 18, 2016
    • am1
    • varun.chopra.2
    • pjromano

    User story:

    As a user when the app is down, let me know that you're working on fixing the problem so I don't have to check with the support team. (or tell me again why you took it offline!)



    • if the CA PPM service is stopped (intentionally or unintentionally) end users do not get shown an easy to understand message. Instead they'll ether see error pop-ups or the classic 404 page, nether of which is very elegant.
    • Whilst the application is offline this can trigger a high number of support requests from users
    • Most companies will have application monitoring, so admins should be aware that their application is offline i.e. they don't need users to tell them that it can't be reached.
    • On premise customers can redirect loadbalancers, use proxy servers but this needs to work for on-demand too


    Likely needed for the "switch" in Maintenance Mode Option