Allow choice of Oracle parameters for JasperReport server

Idea created by Dirk Woywode Employee on Jul 22, 2016
    Not planned

    Currently the installation procedure for JasperReport server has the following prerequisites if the DB of choice is Oracle:

    1. Default names for DB and user cannot be changed

    2. The installation program has to use the system account

    3. Tablespace cannot be changed. Tables are created in the SYSTEM tablespace.


    In many organizations Oracle RDBMS are shared among applications and it may be unacceptable to provide the system user credentials to an application even if it is required only during installation.

    It would be desirable to decouple the creation of the tablespace and user / schema from the creation of the tables and other required DB objects. So the Oracle administrators would create the desired tablespace, create a user with enough privileges to create and manage all database objects required by the application.

    The installation procedure would than only ask for the oracle SID, port and user and create the required tables and other objects.