Allow SAML integration when IDP and SP on the same domain

Idea created by Breandan on Jul 25, 2016
    Not planned
    • Patrick-Dussault

    This idea follows on form a support case raised to understand a change in the SAML functionality in CA SecureCloud following an upgrade from v1.52 to v1.54.


    The support case is 00356644, and it contains the details of the investigation and the root cause, including the places in the SecureCloud setup were the IDP/SP domains are being handled. The idea is to allow an IDP on the same domain as an SP to function, for those end users that want to simplify the login process across their company and allow SSO once a user has logged on to one service. At the moment the SSO in SecureCloud will only cover Federated partnerships across domains, but it would be better to have full support for partnerships that have the SP and IDP on the same domain.