ODBC policy store: Agent Configuration Attribute value should allow over 4000 characters.

Idea created by Koichi_Ikarashi Employee on Jul 27, 2016
    Not planned
    • sandeep_karla
    • Koichi_Ikarashi
    • Pasquale_Russo
    • yoshio.katayama

    LDAP policy store allows lengthy value for ACO paramters (over 4000 characters) but not ODBC policy store. This ODBC policy store limitation prevents customer from XPSImport on migration or AdminUI input, resulting in such an error as:

    Attribute Attributes[33]="AgentName=2=longAgentNameHere" value has too many characters. Actual: 5034, Maximal: 4000.


    This limitation should be configurable. Increase the max length.