Attachment Sync between SDM and Catalog, should be independent from analyst Role or BU config

Idea created by LeticiaGameiro Employee on Jul 30, 2016
    Currently Planned

    Currently, files attached to a SDM ticket are NOT being attached to the related catalog request, whenever the SDM Analyst and the SC Requester belong to DIFFERENT Business Units, unless Analysts are Request Managers (SC role).


    Having CA Catalog as a single point of contact to submit IT or Business requests / incidents, for all company employees spread across different Business Units, SDM analysts (often also employees) should not be Request Managers, just to be able to attach a document to the SC Request via SDM.

    Analysts sometimes, should not even have access to the Company catalog, being outsourced resources or being part of different departments, much less should have Request manager privileges.


    So, the idea is to enhance the SDM -> SC Attachment integration, so that it wouldn’t have to depend on the analyst role or business unit.

    thank you!

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