Netmaster - add user attribute field to user class resource definitions

Idea created by Jeremy_Hoffman on Aug 4, 2016
    Under review
    • Jeremy_Hoffman

    We have a lot of automation in place, using user class resources to implement health checks for everything in the environment that our team is responsible for.  The automation NCL procs we have written sometimes need to read the RAMDB to discover the resources that need to be checked.  It would be helpful to be able to associate metadata with our user class resources.  We do this now by embedding information in the resource name.  For example, the resource LOSA00A0-OSPF-2 indicates a resource representing the correct OSPF neighbor count over the OSA card LOSA00A0.  Rather than having to include the strings 'OSPF' and '2' with the delimiter '-' in the resource name, we would prefer to have a user attribute field available.  This could be as simple as a single (large) field in which anything could be entered.  (I would put my metadata in name-value pairs.)  Perhaps you could implement a comment screen, something like what you have for EventView rules.  As long as the field can be read by $RMCALL it would work for me.