Let Spectrum manage devices by SNMP only (disable Ping necessity)

Idea created by c.fieres on Aug 8, 2016

    Today, whenever one Needs to manage a device more sophisticated than with Ping only, Spectrum relies on SNMP. Unfortunately, SNMP Management implies simple Echo reachability. Today, this is not always the case; even though this sounds surprising, vendors seem to Strip down their Management stack to ignore ICMP Echo and implement Password proteced SNMPv3 capabilities only. Also, it might be a question of an enterprise's security policy to block ICMP traffic through a Firewall to prevent exploits.


    It is possible to reduce Spectrum's Management requirements to Ping only ("Pingable" model type), but there is no "SNMP only" model type Derivation Point. Although Ping and SNMP compromise a reliable couple of protocols for device Management, the idea is to have a per model choice of disabling Ping necessity so that SNMP is used exclusively to Monitor a device, the Administrator being Aware that any flaw in SNMP responsiveness results in a contact lost Alarm since no simple protocol such as ICMP echo/reply can be used to check Overall connectivity to the infrastructure. To have ICMP in Addition to SNMP should be Chosen at discovery time, i.e. in the "model by ip" and "model by Name" wizards, and should be editable as a boolean Option in the device's Information view afterwards.