Spectrum NCM GUI

Idea created by karl.haworth on Aug 9, 2016
    Under review

    I would like to submit a enhancement request for the NCM scripting section of the device families to include a GUI to input the expect() parameters. I currently have multiple vendor devices in Spectrum and they all have their own unique credentials along with unique prompts/verbiage. Separate device families were created to ease with these variables between vendors.


    With the Cisco IOS SSH, NX-OS, and H3C scripting, the scripts are almost identical except for the prompts and expect() verbiage. They (1) login to the device with SSH, (2) wait for output with expect, (3) run commands, (4) output results. I would like to see a GUI for the expect() parameters.


    I realize this can be done with custom perl scripting and 'Additional Script Parameters', but if CA included this out-of-the-box, there would be no Perl knowledge required and allow easier administration of the platform by less technical individuals.


    Cisco devices, along with others, come with NCM functionality built-in, but the scripts used are embedded. The problem arises when you have a unsupported NCM device, such as H3C. Having a GUI for NCM expect() parameters would alleviate the need to learn Perl scripting and allow more devices to work with NCM out-of-the-box.