Recalculating SLA after a change of ServiceType in a ticket (incluying delay time)

Idea created by Juan.Cancino.G on Aug 11, 2016

    Guys, I want to share a problem we have with our customers and we believe should be considered in the CA SDM (OOTB)


    Whe you have configured the option "set_sla_evt_open_date", today you have de next scenario.


    1. A ticket with a servicetype in progress, the analyst need stop SLA because the user is outside the office

    2. The Analyst delayed SLA by 2 days (for example)

    3. After 2 days, the Analyst returns to contact the user, and confirm the issue and resumes the ServiceType to continue attending the ticket. Then you need to change the category of ticket, and this change the service type

    4. The new time calculated for the new ServiceType is from the date of opening the ticket. But this does not consider the the 2 days (for example) of delay time and even in some ticket it is violated (SLA)


    Now for us the correct behavior is that the new SLA (Service Type) if it considers delay times.


    Our proposal is that CA deliver a solution to this issue for the correct calculation of SLA of a ticket

    pls vote for this idea