Publish and Unpublish certifications tasks

Idea created by mustapha.benmahbous on Aug 14, 2016
    • mustapha.benmahbous

    We have a use case of certifications that would be created and running (in an unpublish status)  but we don't want them to be available to reviewers but only available to Compliance team to validate the certification tasks, members and entitlements content. The Use case here is to be able to review the certification content and possibly update the reviewers before making the certification available to end-users ( published to reviewers).


    Currently the certification has two possible status values : Created - Running (in addition  to Stopped or archived). We believe there should another status which is Published before running to allow fixing errors or update approvers.. when a certification is created and not running we could not update or reassign reviewers they are even not visible. If we have the certification running, Managers do have access to the certification even if they are not notified yet.


    This very important for our customer. The compliance team because of this missing status cannot proceed with the certification QA (part of the SOX requirements).


    Thank you !