Catalog custom statuses display in correct or new queue for user

Idea created by dukecityrebecca on Aug 16, 2016
    Not planned
    • dukecityrebecca
    • Louis_van_Amelsfort
    • mitu

    Catalog allows us to build custom statuses, so we built custom 'final' statuses by adding to the requestshared.xml.  However, we need to have these appear in the end users' "Completed" queue, or, even better, have the ability to create a *new* queue called "Closed" since we use discrete final statuses for improved customer understanding & for reporting.


    For example, we use Service Desk Manager for our fulfillment, and therefore need cancelled in catalog vs cancelled in SDM, as well as rejected by approver vs rejected by 'x' team (such as finance review due to cost).  "Completed" is only warranted if actually fulfilled.  Many times we cannot fulfill but must close out ticket for other reasons & provide a more appropriate status.  The discrete final statuses enable us to better track trends, e.g. if rejected, where in chain is it rejected, how often, by whom, reason?