Connect multiple portals to a single gateway cluster

Idea created by gtellez Employee on Aug 15, 2016
    • Multiple API Developer portals (or sites) connected to a single gateway cluster.
    • Entirely distinct look / feel and functionality on externally exposed portals for different subsidiaries.
    • One single API gateway that holds all the APIs and exposes some on only one portal and some on both/all portals.
    • Separation of user permissions, but not necessarily entirely separate user stores. Perhaps you just need to have the option of separate user permissions on each portal. When a user registers on one portal they have certain permissions for APIs, this may or may not mean that they now have an account on the other portals.


    I am the Product Manager for the CA API Developer Portal. If you have additional use cases, feel free to mention me in your comment by using @gtellez or email me at