Command line options for Policy server management console (smconsole)

Idea created by Ujwol Shrestha Employee on Aug 16, 2016
    Under review

    At present the Policy server management console is GUI based and needs X11 forwarding in unix system to work.

    However, in many organizations the X11 is disabled for security reasons. So it becomes quite challenging when they have to enable X11 forwarding just for SiteMinder.

    Additionally , often the X11 is very slow.


    This enhancement request is to provide command line support for Policy server management console.

    Please note, even now we can directly modify the Sm.registry for the unencrypted values however the challenge is when customer needs to modify the encrypted values like Policy store administrator password, database user password etc.


    Enhancement requested for latest CR for 12.52 SP1 & 12.52 SP2