HP Tipping Point IPS appliance is  uncompatible with Xceedium

Idea created by akarsh.goel on Aug 18, 2016
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    Dear All,

    I need your kind assistance for finding the solution on below concern. We are struggling to integrate HP tipping point IPS appliance with CA Xceedium Xsuite.

    HP Tipping Point IPS browser is not compatible with CA Xceedium Xsuite browser and also password-management for HP Tipping Point IPS appliance is not supported.


    Version information of devices:

    Tipping Point SMS Server

    Tipping Point IPS Sensor device

    CA Xceedium Xsuite version 2.5.6 and soon upgrading to version 2.6



    Please assist on above!

    Many Thanks in advance!



    Warm wishes,


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