Export impact response time of Service Desk

Idea created by sitch01 Employee on Aug 22, 2016
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    • Erhard_Mueller
    • sitch01
    • Lila_Valle

    Service Desk slow to open or edit a ticket, incident, request,...


    Export consume resource, it impact the response time.


    Steps to recreate the problem

    - Create many many incidents to have the export running in 1 mn

    - On the browser open two tabs on the incident list

    - Open an existing incident is immediate, done in 2 seconds, close this incident

    - On the second browser tab, search thye list of incident and do the export

    - Get back on the browser first tab and open an incident. The open will be done in 55 seconds; almost at the end of the export.


    -> When the export is running other operation could not progress.



    A better time sharing of the export, we expect to have the open done in 4 sec or 5 sec instead of 2 sec. Not finishing almost at the end of the export