Discovery Profile with SNMP Set

Idea created by rpjohn on Aug 24, 2016
    • rpjohn
    • baljit-bansal
    • DWest

    In CAPM 2.8, not possible to create a Discovery Profile with SNMP Set enabled. We use IP SLAs extensively in our network and auto-create at least two on each router. It is not possible for me to manually enable SNMP Set on each of 3000+ routers. There will be an inevitable time lag in my effort to chase each discovery with a script that queries for all enabled devices and then turn SNMP Set on them. This then delays auto-creation of IP SLAs on a newly deployed router and thus causes frustration to users who want to check it off as fully-deployed. Why not allow routers to be discovered with the SNMP Set option enabled, as is the case in CA NetVoyant?