UIM Maintenance - Probe Time Specification

Idea created by bwcole on Aug 25, 2016
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    The UIM UMP Maintenance will prevent alerts but the robot/probes will continue to run during the time window.


    To disable a probe, prevent from making a connection since the maintenance requires exclusive access to the system/software being monitored, the only method out of the box is to use the Infrastructure Manager's probe -> edit -> Time Specification.


    The ability to control maintenance windows using the Time Specification is very limited.


    In version 8.31, within the Infrastructure Manager, you can right click on a probe, select edit and there is a place to add a "Time Specification"  


    Would like to have a scheduler interface much like the Maintenance dialog in UMP to set the time that a probe will run or will not run.


    In addition, would be nice to have a way to define when the probe is not to run at all with a date (mm/dd/yyyy) so we can set a probe operational disable schedule and forget it.