UMP - storing media gallery in DB

Idea created by DCAlmeida on Aug 25, 2016

    By default, UMP stores documents and media files on the file system of the server on which it’s running. 

    Clustering the UMP (multiple UMP servers) and according the CA documentation we must to create a shared folder and make a link from the secondaries UMPs.


    After many tries we cannot make this works so, we researched a little and we have found a solution: store the media files in the database.

    As I said in the beginning, by default the UMP stores this on the file system but you can also use an entirely different method:

    • Advanced File System Store
    • CMIS Store (Content Management Interoperability Services)
    • DBStore (Database Storage) ----> what we are using
    • File System Store (CA UMP's default)
    • JCRStore (Java Content Repository)
    • S3Store (Amazon Simple Storage)


    So, why I opened this as an idea? Because CA doesn't supports this customization but as long your database supports BLOBs of sufficient size to cover your media needs, this is an easy solution and it works very well, now we don't have to create any link neither change folder permissions.


    Just add this line at the bottom of the file:


    It could be great for customers other methods to store the files as we are doing...and update the documentation.