CA Service Management - Ideas Backlog/Status Updates

Idea created by J_W on Aug 25, 2016

    BACKGROUND:  As of this date, there are approximately 740 Ideas in the CA Service Management community with a status of 'NEW".  Many of these go back to 2014 when the new forum system was updated but in reality these were product enhancement requests from much further back.  About 450 of these are under CA Service Desk.


    ISSUE:  There is no feedback on when CA has considered Ideas until there is a change of status. This leads to Community uncertainty and dissatisfaction based on the number of times the comments are added "What is the status of this Idea?"


    I am sure there have been and are internal reviews as some Ideas (stories) are eventually updated.  However, the lack of visibility on when Ideas are being considered does not encourage Community participation.


    There appear to be many ideas with zero or even negative votes.  Some of these may not be Community supported or are not well defined or have limited tags.  However it is also easy for an Idea to be lost from consideration if it does not appear in most users' content listing because of this.  There appears to be too much reliance on Community users to actively search and support Ideas else they remain in the 'NEW' status.


    IDEA:  CA should include the review of all Ideas as part of each development cycle iteration and update the status or indicate when the Idea will next be considered.  The criteria for the change of status should be clearly displayed as part of an Idea FAQ.  For example, a 'NEW' will have a maximum of three months to be refined and gather support before being changed to 'Not Planned', or some other status other than 'NEW'


    DISCUSSION:  This Idea would have the following benefits:

    1.  Reduce the perceived Idea backlog.  Ideas that are not viable, well-defined, or supported would be moved out of 'NEW' status and not be considered for that cycle.

    2.  Increase visibility of all Ideas.  By updating the status or adding comments to an Idea it automatically gets a 'bump' in the latest activity listing.  This reduces the reliance on Community members for searching for tags to see an Idea or possible workaround or solution.  This is especially true if this Idea:  Allow tags to be added by all and not just the original poster. cannot be implemented.


    Considering the size of the current Idea list; I would recommend that one entire 'development break' iteration be used to define the status update criteria and the impact this would have on the next release planning.