SQL Server Always On Multi-site Asynchronous Replication should be recognized as normal by the sqlserver probe

Idea created by Alquin Employee on Aug 25, 2016
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    With SQL Server Always On you can replicate both synchronously and asynchronously. When the distance between the replication is far away such as the case when you are doing multi-site replication between countries or across countries the replica databases are always going to be in the state (1) or SYNCHRONIZING never SYNCHRONIZED.

    The sqlserver 5.0 probe which supports Always On monitoring does NOT recognize the SYNCHRONIZING state as OK nor does it really provide the option to recognize it as OK. As a result, when you enable monitoring you end up with alarms for all the databases that are being replicated asynchronously.



    The SQL Server probe should recognize that the replica db is being asynchronously replicated and provide a means to the monitoring user to suppress alarms related to the state SYNCHRONIZING as this is NORMAL.


    Reference: Multi Site Clusters for SAP on SQL Systems: Recommendations & FAQ | Running SAP Applications on the Microsoft Platform