CA BSI - docx no data message

Idea created by Besim Dzemaili on Sep 2, 2016
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    Hi Community and Product Management,


    Unfortunately, docx does not provide the opportunity to specify several customized strings within a booklet in case a report does not return any data as rtf did.


    In docx there is only one opportunity to set a text when no data is found. In the settings tab in the CA BSI Word Addin tab. There is only one setting for all reports in a booklet.


    In RTF Booklets there was the opportunity to customize this "no data" text for each report with his own <<NO_DATA_FOUND_TEXT=>>  tag.


    One of the customer needs exactly this opportunity to define several different “no data found” texts within one booklet – special for BSI version 8.3.


    Kind regards,

    Besim Dzemaili,