Make UIM components compatible with each other, case ToT + ae

Idea created by ttahkapaa on Sep 5, 2016
    • Garin
    • Sayeed Islam
    • ttahkapaa

    UIM has had features for alarm_enrichment and ToT/TtT already for several versions, but we have found out (support and development have also confirmed) that we are not able to use those features together if we have more than one hub.


    Currently alarm_enrichment probe is needed in every hub where you want monitor those advanced alarming features like Time-over-Threshold or Time-to-Threshold. Now this need of alarm_enrichment makes some things a bit nastier, it reads now all the "alarm" messages and converts them to "alarm2"s, OK those can then be sent to primary hub, but if we have an alarm_enrichment running on that primary hub doing the real enrichment there then the message flow is kind of broken because the primary hub gets alarm messages with subject "alarm" from its own probes + other robots connected directly to that hub, and it gets "alarm2" messages from other hubs. There is no way to make ae nor nas to read two messages types. Nor there is no way to make probes send "alarm2"s.


    And the situation is still the same even if you use ems.


    As I see it, this requires a magic that reverts those "alarm2"s to "alarm" messages before they hit the primary hub's alarm_enrichment probe. Or then ae should be able to read both subject types and send them like "alarm3" to nas/ems.


    Current solution proposal for us has been: "build your own software to handle this!" "Works as designed".